Miki Takahashi ( Japan ) – Gaze

These 5 composite works are self-portrait and landscapes shot in Asia as part of my ongoing body of work titled “Gaze”. I love traveling and have visited many countries in the past, but the heated atmosphere of Asia has always resonated in me – perhaps a result of being Asian myself. I have always felt a longing and affection toward Asian countries, while also feeling that can never step out of the frame that categorizes me as Asian, and that has always brought with it a sense of acceptance. Affection and acceptance towards my identity is what I wanted express through my project.

Miki Takahashi. Born in 1978, Tokyo. Currently based in Tokyo.

Takahashi works as an editor for movies and motion graphics. Passionate about photography for a long time, it was only a few years ago that she started creating her projects. In 2013, her works were presented in an exhibition at the Lumas Gallery.