TIPC 2017: Borders

To put it simply, borders primarily enforce boundaries, minimizing—if not eliminating—gray areas.

They can indicate physical lines separating political and/or geographic regions, and they can also be applied to metaphysical confines we apply to our everyday lives via human interaction and relationships.

We encourage you to consider the concept of borders as both physical barriers and as intangible perimeters.

Entry Information

Submissions are open to photographers worldwide.

Theme: Borders
Submission Deadline: July 31, 2017
Entry Fee: $40 (USD) per series (up to 6 images)


Meet the 2017 Jury

James Wellford

Photo Editor / National Geographic (USA)


publisher / Jiazazhi (China)

Yumi Goto

independent curator (Japan)

Roberto Huarcaya

General Director / Centro de la Imagen (Peru)

Michael Mack

publisher / MACK (UK)

Sandra Maunac

independent curator (Spain)