Marseille, the poorest city in France, is experiencing a long and profound economic-social crisis: the unemployment is continually rising since the decline of its port activity and the city is experiencing high crime rates.
The economic desperation and the connivance of government institutions, had transformed Marseille in the capital of drug market in Europe which today is the economic pillar of the city where 55% of households lives under the poverty line.
The desire of the ruling class to give a new image of the city, earned it the title of European Capital of Culture 2014 with an investment of 600 milion euros experiencing a huge urban transformation, with the main focus being the rehabilitation of the most emblematic areas.
Today, with the cranes gone and the construction finished, the inhabitants of Marseille wake up with a bittersweet sensation, aware of how, despite initial promises, financial resources have been used to beautify chosen areas and collectives, leaving the disadvantaged neighbourhoods totally excluded.


About the photographer
Arnau Bach began to study photography self-taught until he won a fellowship to attend the Photojournalism Degree at the Barcelona University (UAB).
After working during six years in daily news for El Periodico de Catalunya newspaper and then for Publico newspaper, he decided to start producing his own work as a freelance focusing on social issues. The result of this new stage is “SUBURBIA”, an essay about daily life in the Paris Suburbs that he started at 2006 and ended up in 2012.
Men train in a boxing gym in the neighborhood of La Savine in the northern districts.



The drug business prevalently employ youth and adolescents. Easy money and the opportunity to climb into the hierarchical organization of drug dealers, is enough to guarantee their “silence” in case of detention. In this image a hot spot for drug dealing in the northern districts.




Young people hang out on the streets of Felix Pyat, a neighborhood in the northern districts.



Some children in the north district of Marseille having fun with some pieces of an stolen car. Marseille, France.



On her wedding day, Dalyia awaits her husband in her parents’ house, in the Frais Vallon neighborhood in the northern districts.

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