Family from the Mist

Family from the mist is a photographic series about an indigenous family that lives deep into the Mexican mountains of Oaxaca.
 A magical atmosphere is generated by the mist, this magic is also sustained by the presence of musical elements, very common in the Mixe culture to which they belong. The new generation shares a lot of activities with their grandparents. Even though they dress in a more modern way, they still share in a very subtle way, their colors and textures.
Marlen writes a whatsapp message on a smartphone, using in her native language in a timeless landscape. Her grandmother stands before a cave where she was born. Honorato, the grandfather plays the violin next to his creations, since he built his house with his own hands, and also he built his first violin.
This is Family from the mist.


About the photographer
Shandor Barcs, 1985, Mexican Photographer and Filmmaker.
As a still photographer, he works mainly with constructed scenes – Mise en scène-. Lighting plays an important role in his scenes, and thematically a particular interest in absurdity and the exaltation of everyday life can be found.







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