Nature of Civilization

I have a no-name existence in the vast universe. Once upon a time, people used to take in all the things around them and be in awe toward such internal mechanisms, but this is now being forgotten. Instead today, we are unobtrusively in transition inside man-made objects. The mobile phone, the digital camera, the personal computer. . . already, any single human individual is unable to use their individual strengths to construct things that were made by civilization in the past.
The thing that “is” “there” “now” passes through an individual’s human five senses and by using an optical recording device it becomes quantized, converted into an image and fixed on a photograph. If the photograph is used as an instrument of inductive proof, it is possible to present a phenomenon that appears and disappears inside this world. It is but the tip of an iceberg that in no way can show the entire picture even in this modern world that has passed over some 2,000 years. While trying to maintain the shaky scaffolding here, one juts forth one’s face toward the other side of the surface cloaked by the veil that is the unknown, and tries to focus the eyes.
I want to observe, experiment and discover.


About the photographer
Completed Doctoral Coursework, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science. After working as a researcher at a national research institute and then at an advertising photography office, I am currently working as a freelance photographer.






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