The daily activity of the inhabitants broke up the static order in isolated environments and created dynamic relationships between human mind and the site. I regard the isolated space as an observation device to rediscover what landscape is. The observation device initializes the world filled with things and phenomenon that previously are given meaning by language or culture, and reconstructs an unnamed world in which every object are assembled as equivalent elements.
Nature that is something comes from outside and the accumulation of human being’s activity form an inseparable whole to be revealed in the foreground as heterogeneous something in the artificial environment.
I aim to observe the creativity that human beings and sites are endowed naturally in the process of creating new order.


About the photographer
Takada stayed in Arizona and New York from 2008 to 2009 on his field trip with the theme on the relationship between human mind and environment.
Takada investigated artificial closed systems where were isolated from the natural feature and the cultural climate. He relatively observed the artificial environment controlled by an imaginary order and the residential environment where the inhabitants created for themselves.






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