Unborn Cities

Unborn Cities is a body of work that explores the architectural structures and physical growth of new cities located in inner-mainland China. Unlike the urban model of many Western cities, these areas are built to the point of near completion years before they become populated. These images revolve around the shifted sense of reality felt in a city that has yet to be inhabited by the people it was built for. Devoid of human scale and lacking the marks of history, these structures mark the origins of a future metropolis that will soon be home to millions, but at present seems more like an architectural model than a place for living.


About the photographer
Kai M. Caemmerer (b.1988) lives and works in Los Angeles, California. His current work explores aspects of urban space and its perpetual development. He earned his BA in photography from Western Washington University and his MFA in photography from Columbia College Chicago. He has recently received recognition and support from the Stuart R. Abelson Foundation, the People’s Government of Shangrao City, the Luminarts Foundation, and the Dave Bown Projects grant.
Website: http://www.kaimichael.com
Unborn Cities, No. 02, 2015



Unborn Cities, No. 02, 2015



Unborn Cities, No. 18, 2015



Unborn Cities, No. 21, 2015



Unborn Cities, No. 35, 2015



Unborn Cities, No. 84, 2015

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